Helga, the big ol lady, big ol lady, big ol lady, so much lady.

Helga is the 4th microwave used on the show.

She is the second most biggest microwave (biggest being Khloé).

In episode 73 it was mentioned she had 2 sisters, Olga and Gretchen (they were gonna be used on the show, but they weren't)

Helga is the only microwave to be carried from another season. However her fate was early.

Experiments: 63 - 77

Brand: Sharp Carousel

Fate: Dead

Followed By: Lacey


Like it was mentioned earlier, Helga's fate would be early in season 4, she microwaved fireworks (they were bees, snakes and a pyramid)

The pyramid went off and killed Helga.

And in the next episode, there was an outtake where they discovered Helga's death. They microwaved the Bubble gum but nothing happened, so they declared her dead.

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