This like is from Cartoon Lover8902. High Voltage electricty comes from both AC (alturnitve current) and DC (direct current), and it could be dangerous!

House Current PowerEdit

From a house gets some of the 240VAC for HVAC (Heating Ventalation and Air Conditioning) only for the condenser units for cooling, and also 120VAC goes to the rest of the house, powering a TV, an Oven, a Microwave oven, etc.

Condenser unit for central air conditioning

Condenser cooling unit has been turned on, at a current draw of 240VAC


A Itron 240VAC watt hour meter

Commercial and Industreal PowerEdit

These ones are using 277/480VAC power, by a Three Phase Transformer, on a pad mount or pole mounted. Inside of the electical room, there is a small transformer which converts it to 240/120VAC.


A 500kVA pad mount three phase transformer at a commercial building.


A transformer electrical room.


A substation is a power source for step down power for Distrubution Lines, from the Transmission lines.

Full20 23544Transformer TR-16

A substation transformer.

Electrical Substation

Transmission LinesEdit

The transmission lines go from a substation to distribute power.

HVTLs 00001

138kV transmission lines.


347kV Transmission line and tower.

Sub-Transmission LinesEdit

These lines have a iron pole, and two grounding lines.


A 69kV sub-transmission line, and iron pole.

Distribution LinesEdit

Distribution lines are wooden or iron poles that have insulators, and components like for example: Transformer, or a Capacitor Bank.


Parts of a distribution line.

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