Jasmine is the ninth microwave used on "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?"

She was the first microwave that died in 1 episode.

Jory originally had the idea to name Jasmine "Lexi" but Jon and Riley didn't like the name, so they named "the micorwave" after Aladdin Jasmine.

When Jasmine died, her door fell off (as seen at the end)


Brand: GE

Experiments: 133-133

Fate: Zombie Dead

Death Sentence: Inhaled too many Spray Paint fumes.


They added a ball of tin foil to the spray paint, which added alot of sparks. Then, a hole was burnt through the bottom, which made it spark through the bottom of the microwave. Along with this, Jasmine was on fire at times, had a melted door, and zombified to death.

In the bloopers/end of the video, we see that Jasmine's door falls off.

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