Lacey, petite and kinda cute.

Lacey was the 5th microwave ever used on the internet series Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?. She was also the first GE Turntable microwave. Jory named her Lacey because he thought she was petite, and kinda cute.

Lacey was the microwave used for all of season 4 (except in 2 episodes where Helga was the microwave).

Lacey also was the 2nd longest lasting microwave (longest lasting was Diane), if they let Lacey do the whole entire season 4 and put the fireworks in season 5 and a different experiment instead of the fireworks used in season 4, Lacey could've been the longest lasting with 27.


  • Brand: GE Turntable
  • Experiments: 78 - 102
  • Fate: Retired


In the Mac Laptop episode, Lacey was retired because Jon didnt want to keep her around for the next experiments. so she got a retirement montage in funeral theme.