Low Voltage Electricity is different than High Voltage.

LEDs (Light Edimtting Diodes)Edit

The is used a lot today for street lighting, and they can save energy, and last as long.


A cool white LED bulb.


GE ERS1 LED street light (the GE Evolve series)

It can be also used as a indicator for electronics.


Resistors, have a resistence to main tain the circuits and they can be also called (helping resistors).


Capacitors are like cylinders with 2 leads, and turn on the power it discharges, but turn off the power it charges. No matter what, it does that once you keep fliping the switch.


Fuses are circuit protcting componets that if theres a short circuit, it blows, and the circuit stops. Its a safety feature that it protects circuits at all times, and plus, they are replaceable, once they blew.


4amp/250V fuse


A 15amp car fuse.


Speakers are a cone shaped, but sometimes, different types of speakers can be avaliable. How does it make sound? A speaker sounds with a voice coil, and a magnet to make it sound.


15" subwoofer speaker

Photoresistor (photocell)Edit

A photoresistor, is a light detecting component that is sometimes is used in low voltage, and high voltage electicty. They can be in different types, plastic, plastic coated, or plastic surface, they are called Cadium Surfide (Cds)

Schematics photoresistors

Different types and sizes of LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors)

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