Mountain Dew (spelled as Mtn. Dew) is the main drink in the Mountain Dew line, and is commonly reffered to as being the original flavor for Mtn. Dew.
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These are the flavors of Mtn. Dew:

Mtn. Dew (colored green)

Diet Mtn. Dew (colored green)

Code Red (colored red)

Live Wire (colored orange)

Baja-Blast (colored Blue-green)

Voltage (colored bright blue)

White Out (colored white)

Throwback (colored green)

Sangrita Blast (colored dark red)


Mountain Dew is genrally said to be basically in a bright-green color while most of the other flavors are colored in a different color but are still common, though the original is the most common of all flavors and the color of the drink.


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