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:Please note that this palace does not exist within the Earth.  Thank you.

Sunshine Palace, sometimes known as the Fandraxonian Kingdom, is a palace embedded on an island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the home of the mysterious being, The Lone Fandraxonian.  Flowers grow all around the palace and sunshine is there most of the time, with some rain.  It is known for being a place to relax and rest, and offers many natural activities.


Origins are mostly unknown, although some information has been revealed.  There was a time of war, commonly known as the Second World War, and the Lone Fandraxonian was one of its hidden fighters.  After being forced to retreat, he left into the ocean and paddled for an island.  The journey itself was unknown for the most part, but many think that the being sunk many enemy ships, and made it through a hurricane.


There are few true residents in this palace.  Everyone who lives here either went through a shipwreck, got lost at sea, or simply visited and decided to live on the island.  Many who come usually go out after a while.  Residents include:

  • The Lone Fandraxonian, ruler
  • Around 37 residents


Sunshine Palace and the island itself is mostly clean, with garbage from continents sometimes placed along the beaches.  Residents make it a responsibility to clean it up.  Flowers grow over at least 73 percent of the island, and the castle even has vegetation growing over it, keeping the palace very intact.  Electricity does not exist on the island, and all electronics are banished to keep the environment clean.  Bees, squirrels, deer, many species of birds, and chipmunks inhabit the environment.


It is said that if you live long enough on the island, the Eternal Beast will wake up and attempt to hunt you down.  You have anywhere from three days to one week to move out of the island before it is too late.  The only being unaffected by the beast is The Lone Fandraxonian.


  • The island is not connected to the Earth, allowing it to drift wherever the sea pushes it.  When it nears shore (at least 300 miles away), it turns back into the sea due to an unknown force.

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