The first microwave used on the show, she dosen't have a name because Jory didn't think of giving microwaves names until season 2.



She was used for the ENTIRE first season. She was Susan's identical twin sister. She was the first microwave to be started entirely with a remote arm (Diane was initially started with the remote arm but that started early.)


Experiments: 1 - 18

Brand: Sharp Carousel

Fate: Retired


At the end of the first season the microwave was kinda broken. She was sealed up, thrown out, and never opened again.

However, microwaves early on weren't pushed as far they would be later on, so they might of meant by "broken" that she became like Sandra, needing an encouraging tap to start.

She was followed by Diane.

Famous quotes during careerEdit

  • "Lets Get Outta Here!"
  • "stopping, stopping!"
  • "son of a b***h!"
  • "Ventilation is key!"
  • Nobody Likes Roasted Nuts!


  • Jon gave her a name, Betsy, Jory said that he didnt want a name because he liked the microwave how it was.