Whoopi is the eight microwave used on the show. She was named Whoopi because of her lack of eyebrows/resemblance to Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi in the spray paint episode... Whoopi, (Whoopiiiiiiiii!)

Whoopi was also the first black microwave used on the show. She was replacing Tracy.


Experiments: 121-133


Fate: Dead?


Whoopi didn't really die but however in the spray paint episode her safety feature kept turning her off when she got too hot (this also happened in the thermite episode).

The guys declared her dead and used a different microwave, however if they let her cool down then she wouldve been the second microwave to be carried over to another season (or she would most likely be retired or dead), however like Helga her fate would be early, as Susan's Xbox had deadly flames, that took 3 attempts to put out. And both of Beatrice's experiments had deadly results. However Whoopi couldve died on the lipo experiment which would make Beatrice live for 19 experiments (goodbye Jackie!).

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